Kids at Heart!

With Midterms scattered throughout hectic college schedules I would say it has been one rough week.

It’s amazing how a small break can lighten the load for a few minutes.

As I walked across campus I saw people sitting and talking on tree swings and having impromptu picnics through Founders’ Mall.

In the newsroom we had our own way of taking a break today– Velcro Mits and ball.

It is safe to say we have all experienced the joy this cool game can bring. It provides everyone an opportunity to relax while not really focusing at the task at hand.

The only thing you have to focus on is lobbing the ball in the catcher’s general direction.

It brought me back to the good old elementary days.

School can become cumbersome, boring and even at some points — pointless.

We should all find  treasures of happiness in the random moments that everyday life brings us.

Even if it is during a silly game of Velcro baseball. –Nick

Velcro Games



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