“Designer Babies”

Last week, the prospect of “designer babies” was brought to America’s attention as a Los Angeles fertility announced that they will offer a service allowing parents to pick from a number of genetic traits for their baby. We’re not talking simply choosing the sex or screening for diseases – both of which have been offered since the late ’90s. Now parents are able to choose their child’s physical traits!

Isn’t it wonderful?  It’s like the “My Twin”doll I had as a child.I was able to choose her hair type and color; eye color and skin complexion. But this is even better; parents can bring their little “doll” to life.

Not only do I believe that this idea is completely shallow, it’s up there with cloning on my list of absurd ways to alter the natural order of things. Humans have found yet another way to manipulate one of God’s creations for cosmetic purposes. I’m trying to imagine what the teenagers of the world will be like in 30 years… physically flawless? How boring.

Here’s the link, enjoy:




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