A day in the life of a Baylor Parking Services employee

Guess how I spent the day as assistant city editor of the Lariat. Editing hard-hitting news stories? No. Following up on a lead of a huge scandal that could rock the foundation of the university? Negative. What about answering phone calls all day from irate students who just received bogus parking tickets? Bingo!

Surprisingly, it’s been fun. Maybe it’s the suspense I feel when answering the phone call and knowing that after the person who just received a bogus ticket is done telling their story, I get to turn their frown into a smile by telling them it was all a prank, courtesy of the Noze Brothers.

I had even more fun answering the phone with “Baylor Parking Services, how can I help you?” This afforded me the opportunity to answer people’s questions about why they received a ticket citing an “inverted tailpipe” or “automobile loitering”. Sure, It was a little tricky trying to concoct the definition of an inverted tailpipe with my limited knowledge of cars, but not impossible.

Overall, this experience has taught me one thing. I never want to work as a parking services employee. The person answering phones all day in Robinson Tower deserves a vacation. A long one. When people called the newsroom today, they barely even noticed I mentioned the Lariat before they angrily grilled me on the reason for their parking ticket. Granted, the fake ticket was for $250. Still, I commend the parking services staff for coming to work every day in the face of angry calls from students.

At least I got to laugh and say “you got pranked” at the end of the phone call.


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  1. Why are the NoZe so bloody brilliant?

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