Student Publications Gains Knowledge, Wins Big

I went to the TIPA convention this weekend and had a blast. As a part of the school paper I have been able to experience some pretty cool things.

This past weekend (Thursday- Saturday) was a convention that happens annually for college journalism students.

(Actually, the 1st TIPA conference happened at Baylor, Sic’ Em)

There are on-site contests, published contests and workshops. I was able to go visit The Dallas Morning News building and meet some pretty cool people. There were supposed to be 5 other people, but I was the only one to show up. It turned into a personal tour!

The movies/entertainment editor was my guide. She took me to different meeting places that would have a specific focus for about 20 mins.

A few of the people/places I visited:

*      Web Editor
*      Local News Editors
*      Lifestyle Section

I thought it would be cool if I took readers through what I gained from each meeting; like a tour of a tour. (redundant, I know)

Web Editors:

This was my first session and my weakest. I am determined that I need to learn something, HTML, Flash, hieroglyphics-something.

The Dallas Morning News (TDMN) has 4 wed editors that keep the Web site up-to-date throughout the entire day, 6 a.m.- midnight. That means only 6 hours each day don’t have updated information. That is the essence of new journalism.

The editors take all the breaking news and news worthy stories and decide what should go in the main package and then pick several stories, preferably ones with interesting visuals/multimedia, to follow.

The job is tedious, it seems. It is constant updating and HTML coding.

The Web editors take care of the main page, and have ‘web champs’ to take care of the rest of the behemoth Web site TDMN has.

This what many people see as the future of journalism, constant news updates, everything always in metamorphoses.

That is a little scary, but that is the way the world is going.

Local News Editor and writers:

The Local News Editor  talked to had a lot to say about the gathering of news. The most important aspect of what we do as journalists: networking and building relationships.

We want to know what you want to know and what interesting stuff you have heard about. Send us an email, call one of us, come to the newsroom: Talk to Us!

We really aren’t just anti-social people that want to expose the world’s bad habits like most think. We are interested in telling your stories that are relevant to Baylor.

Lifestyle Editor:

She had tons to teach me during my time at TDMN.

This section is directly geared toward entertainment and has the most opportunities for citizen contribution and discussion.

It is the section that tells you the news on cool CDs, ridiculous movies and awesome restaurants.

The Lariat accepts critical reviews from students and looks forward to the reviews BU students want to bring in.

The TIPA convention was also a time for The Lariat, Round Up yearbook and Focus magazine to find out rankings in several categories.

The Baylor Lariat won Best of Show in Division 1 schools for overall newspaper!

Other Awards included:

The Baylor Lariat

First Place
Best of Show
Sports Feature Photo – Shanna Taylor
General Excellence Student-Assisted Web site – Josh Matz & Stephen Jablonski

Second Place
Feature Page Design – Kelli Boesel
Editorial – Claire St. Amant
General Column – Sommer Ingram
Sports Feature Story – Brian Bateman

Third Place
Headline Writing – Grace Maalouf
Newspaper Sports Column – Will Parchman
Single Subject Presentation – Grace Maalouf
General Column – Jade Ortego

Honorable Mention
Overall Excellence
Special Edition/Section
News Story – Ashley Killough
Sports Action Photo – Alex Song
Sports Action Photo – Christina Kruse
Newspaper Picture story – Shanna Taylor & David Poe
Newspaper Feature Story – Will Parchman
In-Depth Reporting – Melanie Crowson & Rebecca LaFlure
Sports Page Design – Grace Maalouf
Headline Writing – Charly Edsitty
Editorial Cartoon – Claire Taylor
Sports Column – Brian Bateman
Online Breaking News – Anita Pere

Round Up

First Place
Class Page/People Spread Design – Ryan Brinson
Feature/Student Life Package – Heather Fogt
Feature Photo (Color) – Ashley Grahmann

Second Place
Academics Package – Ryan Brinson
Academics Copy – Ryan Brinson
Organizations Package – Jenna DeWitt
Information Graphic – Heather Fogt
Sports Story Package – Danielle Grootemaat

Third Place
Class Page/People Spread Design – Ryan Brinson
On-site Yearbook Design – Rachel Moorman
Information Graphic – Heather Fogt

Honorable Mention
Academics Copy – Ryan Brinson
Cover Design – Meghan Giddens
Organizations Copy – Ashleigh Schmitz
Student Life Copy – Heather Fogt

Focus magazine

Second Place
Magazine News Feature Story – Lee Ann Marcel
Magazine Feature Photo – David Poe
Magazine Feature Story – Amy McGauhey

Honorable Mention
Overall Excellence
Overall Design – Stephen Jablonski
Magazine Ilustration – Stephen Jablonski

Check out some of the award winning coverage going on daily, here.

-Nick Dean

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