Smells like a winner to me

Tonight I was watching a college football game and saw an intriguing, if not completely ridiculous product.

Fellow men, do you feel like you’re just not attracting the ladies like you want? Like no matter what you do, you couldn’t get a phone number if your life depended on it? Fear not, it only took a 30 second advertisement to show me a guaranteed method of kickstarting your love life.

Pheromones. And body wash. Together. In the Dial commercial, the attraction effect is illustrated by a guy and girl sitting on a couch, and the middle section is then removed, moving them much closer together.

What is the world coming to? Double pits to chesty (YouTube it if you’re unfamiliar) and pheromone soap? Some of these commercials are entertaining and funny, but I think most people watching them are laughing out of ridicule.

I know most of the ads are exaggerated on purpose, with dozens of females attacking a guy for his body wash scent. But the overall tone is still trying to argue that you will, in fact, get the ladies because you smell good. Smelling good is obviously better than smelling bad, but is there anyone who thinks a $5 bottle of body wash will make you irresistible?

Guys, let me know if your body wash has made a difference. Maybe my Old Spice is just defective.

-Chris Derrett, Lariat sports writer and somebody who remembers when Axe was just a tree-chopping tool

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