A Halloween No-No

On Halloween, you can get away with looking as silly or ridiculous as you want. Even children don morbid bloody masks and make-up to roam the streets. This ritual of irreverent attire and strange behavior generally doesn’t bother me, but this year as I scanned Wed sites for a costume, I was completely disgusted. The hot items for this year seem to be sequined gloves and jerry-curl wigs. That’s right. This Halloween, you may see some small Michael Jacksons at your door.

I can’t even begin to describe how gross that is to me. Jackson, who passed away this summer, was definitely a controversial figure, but doesn’t it just seem bizarre to dress up in the likeness of the deceased? True, people dress up like historical figures. That actually is a little strange too now that I think about it. Regardless, I am appalled but the influx of Jackson costumes.

I will admit this summer I watch the televised funeral and followed the ridiculous amount of media coverage on Jackson’s passing. I jumped on the iTunes bandwagon and even bought some of his hits that I didn’t already have, but I would never dress up as him. There were other celebrities that passed away in the past that had as much media coverage, like John F.  Kennedy, or Princess Diana. However, I highly doubt any little kids would be running around dressed up as them. It would be considered the epitome of bad taste. Thus, I don’t understand why it is just fine to mimic the look of the late Michael Jackson.

If you read this blog, please don’t buy a Jackson red leather jacket. Don’t dress like you are from the music video “Thriller”. Thanks.

-Jessica Acklen, Assistant City Editor


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