Austin Film Festival: Day II

After making the trip from Waco to Austin yesterday, I was excited to finally get into my seat at the “Serious Moonlight” premiere. The film was fantastic, and Stephen Jablonski (our Multimedia editor) and I were able to get a one-on-one interview with Cheryl Hines.

Day two, while just as exciting as day one, wasn’t as eventful. Everyone was doing their own thing inside, which was a little strange considering of how beautiful of a day it was. There were so many panels and workshops doing on during the day that it was difficult to realize that anything was going on. The streets weren’t any more crowed than they usually are on a typical day in Austin.

The crowd really picked up in the evening. Before the premiere of “The Donner Party,” staring Crispin Glover, the herds of people were gathered outside of the Alamo Drafthouse in order to get a decent seat. It beginning to get very chilly, so some people had to leave their place in line to go get their coats!

As far as the film went, I was very torn. Inspired by the infamous event of the same name (a group of settlers stranded in the mountains resorted to canibalism when they began to die off), “The Donner Party” was a very insightful look into the minds of those involved. I can’t say that all of the performances were stellar, but it was good to see Crispin Glover take a bite out of a more dramatic role.

Get it? Bite? Har har.

But seriously, folks, the film festival is really shaping up to be something special. Tomorrow’s events are even more exciting, but you’ll have to keep reading in order to find out how they go.

— Ash Anderson, Entertainment Editor


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