No…but really. He’s seriously just not that into you.

Most of us have seen this year’s “box office hit” He’s Just Not That Into You, and some of us, in a desperate attempt to figure out the opposite sex, have read the famous book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. However, in light of recent events, I have gained first-hand knowledge after seeing several of my friends battle the off and on again so-called relationships of college. It physically pains me to see girls work so hard for something so unattainable. So I’d like to share a few things I’ve come to discover through the experiences of myself and my friends and also just random conversations I’ve overheard while studying at Common Grounds (well, not studying, but listening to music on my laptop).

First off ladies, if a guy wants to date you, he will date you. There’s really no other way to say it. Don’t try to figure out what you’re doing wrong or if he’s secretly just trying to play hard to get. He’s not. And there’s no use in waiting around for someone who may or may not eventually decide he likes you enough to date you, because I guarantee there are about ten other guys out there who do want to date you and then it’s your choice if you’re just that into them or not.

Secondly, don’t read into the text message or phone call fiasco. We all feel sorry for “that girl” who sits around and waits for a guy to text her or call her wanting to hang out, yet somehow we all put ourselves in such a miserably vulnerable position at some point or another. And for what reason? If a guy wants to hang out with you or talk to you, he will call you or text you. If he doesn’t, he won’t. Too often girls want to think that it’s just how a guy is, he’s just not a “texter.” Ok, well maybe he is like that…. with you. But I guarantee you he’s not going to be like that with the girl he ends up dating.

Third of all, if a guy just stops talking to you, he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. It happens all too often in this college world we live in. Guys… or boys… have no real concept of how to end things with a girl, so in a panicked attempt to gain their so-called single life back, they will just stop talking to someone they’ve spent a significant amount of time in recent weeks or months talking to. This can only mean one thing. MOVE ON. Why do you want to stay interested in someone who is clearly not reciprocating that interest? And don’t waste your time mourning this loss as though it were significant, because I guarantee whoever it is that stopped talking to you is not feeling a loss or they would still be talking to you.

Now, I am specifically talking about the noncommittal relationship in this blog, not to be mistaken with an actual relationship, more commonly referred to as facebook official, where both parties are concentually involved. Serious relationships are to be taken care of in a completely separate manner that is not covered in this rant of wisdom. It is my hope that with this, I have shed light on some weary girls who are struggling to decipher their current relationship status and are too afraid to have a DTR (defining of the relationship). And remember, you have so much to offer someone, so don’t let someone else waste your time.

Megan Duron

Copy Editor


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  1. If the girl is always disappointed by a guy, perhaps America’s mentality of dating is wrong. People enter into relationships all the time without a purpose, and they don’t realize it. Given some thought, some might realize that they are only seeking emotional gratification. Perhaps a more biblical approach should be taken in regards to dating.

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