Weekly Greek: Getting to Know Alpha Delta Pi

Members of Baylor Alpha Delta Pi on Bid Day 2010

Weekly Greek Spotlight: Alpha Delta Pi

Founded at Wesleyan Female College in Georgia on May 15, 1851, Alpha Delta Pi was conceived by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald and five other women who wanted to create a society for ladies that would help to develop their values and foster active involvement within a community.

Represented by the colors of azure blue and white, ADPi strives to uphold the values of sisterhood, sorority, scholarship and self. The four ideals are essentially the pillars for ADPi, and were chosen to simultaneously correspond to the four corners of a diamond.

The diamond is commonly understood to symbolize strength and longevity because of its durability. There is a second symbol for ADPi: the lion; a symbol of strength and character.Another important facet of membership in ADPi is philanthropy.

ADPi’s national philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House. Not only does the chapter fiscally support RMH, but they also devote time and money the chapter raises throughout the yer. Each year ADPi sponsors an event called the Pop Top Collection where the chapter gathers the tops of aluminum cans and gives them directly to the RMH housein Temple. The RMH then turns in the tops to receive money per pound of aluminum.

This fund-raising event produces a significant amount of money for the RMH because there is more aluminum in a single pop-top than in an entire can. ADPi also annually hosts Girls Fight Back, a community outreach program particularly useful for college-age girls.

An amazing learning experience for young women who will be living on their own, the clinic offers several basic moves to teach girls how to protect and defend themselves from an attacker. This semester, the self-defense clinic will be held at 7 p.m. in the Barfield Drawing Room of the SUB.

Next week’s spotlight: Alpha Chi Omega

— Rachel and Amy


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