Monday Morning Grace: Run

In lieu of my 21st birthday weekend and my recent acceptance of my appointment to serve on mission in South Africa for six months this spring, I have received several kind words from those near and dear to me… But one thing I have found: our words are meaningless compared to the living and breathing Word of God.

So often we treat our Bibles as a form of home decor or something we pull out whenever we need something. There is something incredibly disturbing to me about the fact that we keep our cell phones closer than the only written Word of our GOD.

Encouraging words liven the spirit for but a moment, and even those we hold in the highest esteem are bound to hurt us at some point… But God’s Word is rich and satisfying to the soul – He will never forsake us – He is who He says He is and is forever FAITHFUL.

Instead of getting caught up in someone’s ramblings about God this morning, I am begging you to RUN to the Holy and Precious WORD OF GOD.

It was written for YOU. Go dive in to find out how deep and how great the Father’s love is… Now.


– Meghan


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