After 20 years, Edwards loses seat to Flores

Photo By Daniel Cernero | Photo Editor


Chet Edwards conceded his seat to Republican Bill Flores, one of the numerous party flips that have occurred across the nation tonight.

Some interesting facts concerning the type of voting that McLennan County used:

• More than 55,000 votes were cast in McLennan County with 29,706 early votes or nearly 54 percent of the votes. Election day votes accounted for 25,886 votes.

• In 2006, early votes compromised only 39 percent of the votes in McLennan County, meaning that the county has seen a nearly 15 percent increase in early voting.

Tomorrow’s issue of The Baylor Lariat will include the staff coverage of the U.S. Representative, State representative and district attorney races. Other coverage includes students learning from a class on election night and how the House power is likely changing party hands.

Thanks for following our blog, Twitter feed and website today and we hope you’ll continue to read and contribute to The Lariat.

– Nick


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