Baylor Young Conservatives stage Chet Edwards move-out protest

For one Baylor organization, election day is move out day.
The Baylor chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas spent an hour on election day camped outside of U.S Rep. Chet Edwards’ office advertising their belief that it is time for Edwards to “move out” of office.

Members of the Baylor chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas stage a move out protest on Election Day.

The group rented a U-haul truck and placed a “Chet Edwards’ Moving Team” sign on the side of the moving truck.
Members of the group held moving boxes representing “debt” and “spending” and others held poster boards asking passers-by to “move out Chet and move in Flores.”
The group held the protest from 11 a.m. to noon today.

Cody Orr , chairman of Baylor’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter said the staged move-out was a satirical action to show the change his group desires.
“We are hoping that this election will turn out in our favor,” Orr said.
“(Edwards) has been in office and done enough harm that it is time to help him move out.”

Orr said he thinks overall voter turnout will not be as strong as a presidential election year, though he predicts that the political environment during these off-year elections will bring out more voters than previous midterms.

“It is an off-year election so I don’t think that it is going to be too high. Compared to other off year elections, I think it will be a high turnout. The Waco Tea Party has been doing a phenomenal job,” Orr said.  “The climate in America is so energize for people on both sides— supporting and against incumbents — that I think we’ll see more people going out to vote.”

Orr said members of his group will be separated for election night, with some attending the Bryan, Tx watch party for Bill Flores, the republican U.S. Representative candidate, others at the local watch party for State Rep. “Doc” Anderson and a few chapter members gathering together to watch the results tonight via television.

All photos are courtesy of the Baylor Young Conservatives.

You can follow the Baylor Young Conservatives on Twitter or at their website.

– Nick


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