New York Times transforms website to election information command center

Without the chatter of analysts or the newsflashes darting below the television screen, The New York Times has transformed its website into a control center too high tech for even true political nerds but so clear and easy to use that the normally uninterested can find their way around.

Showing the transfer of seats in both the House and the Senate, as elections wrap up and the winners role in, the Times’ site will be updating the information. The front page of The New York Times website
If you’ve never before been interested in politics but what to understand what is happening on a national level, the Times’ site is definitely for you. From what is happening in the heated Northeastern races to what is happening right here in McLennan County, the Times’ has provided its myriad of readers with an adjustable, informative layout that gives you as much (or as little) as you are looking to take in.

– Nick


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