Earplugs — they’re not just for your parents!

Maybe it’s my ever-increasing age (I’m quickly approaching 22), but I find that earplugs at indoor concerts may not be a bad idea.
In the past, I have boycotted this practice simply for that fact that it cheapens the music-listening experience. Also, the stigma that surrounds ear plugs at concerts is that only old people use them. However true these two things may be, I have found that the morning-after benefits out weigh the stereotype.
Recently I was at a concert in a small, indoor club. The space was packed and my friend and I were forced to stand a little to near blasting speakers. Four hours and five bands later I had a great music experience and the worst headache of my life.
My friend and I exited the club, ears ringing, yelling to one another about the awesome time we just had. During the hour and a half drive home I was still hearing at a significantly lower decibel than I should, but I assured myself that the next morning I would hear at normal levels and all I would take away from the night was great music.
Three days later I changed my philosophy on earplugs. I realized that if I had just shook my preconceived notions of earplugs and brought some along, I could have saved myself three days of hearing loss and headaches.
The next time I went to a concert I grabbed a pair of those foamy little miracle workers, just in case. I finally understood that the earplugs dilemma all came down to the simple weighing of pro and cons.