movie watching — it’s all about attitude

I have discovered something that is essential to an enjoyable movie watching experience. You have to go into a movie with the right attitude.

Granted, some movies are just going to be terrible. There’s no way to escape the inevitable — some scripts aren’t worth your time, some actors just don’t have that “it” factor and some directors shouldn’t be paid as much as they are.

Despite these inevitables, I have discovered that most of the time a movie is what you make it.

I have reviewed several movies and I generally enjoy writing a bad review.  If the plot, acting, directing or cinematography doesn’t meet my expectations, I have no second thoughts about informing readers on the films flaws. Not every movie you see on an average weekend is the next “Slumdog Millionaire,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. I not saying that every movie I see deserves an A+ rating, in fact most of the time it’s quite the opposite. I am just saying that some times we need to take a movie for what it is and what it s trying to accomplish.

For example, horror films are not going to have high-quality acting or plot, but they better give the audience a thrill experience they have never had before to be considered good. Killing people in new and creative ways doesn’t hurt either.

Romantic comedies have to have an endearing female lead who falls in love with the sexy male lead. The actors do, however, have to exhibit real chemistry on screen for it to work. Action films have to keep you on your seat the entire film and intense chase and fight scenes are crucial to its success.

Every film genre has its niche, and if you watch a movie keeping that particular idea in your head, your will enjoy the majority of films you see.

Next time you go to a movie remind yourself, what am I going to see and what am I expecting from it? Like I said some movies are just bad, but the majority can at least be an enjoyable two hour experience.